Bitcoin and Crypto Currency with Retire Early

Retire Early with Bitcoin and Crypto-currency

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Retire Early is Your Bitcoin and Crypto-currency Companion


My mission with this blog is to take you on a journey with us as we explore the world of digital money making, currency mining, Bitcoin Faucets, and eventually longer term Bitcoin mining and investment solutions in the age of the Bit-Entrepreneur.

This blog is not just about investing. We are about the whole early retirement lifestyle and more importantly. Helping our readers retire before the life is out of their own lifestyles. You will find among out Bitcoing journey product and leisure reviews, travel destinations, gadgets and toys for the aging, and much about maintaining health and fitness to live longer and feel younger.

We are here to take you on our journey, not to offer advice for your own but more to offer information for you to make your own choices. If we meet along life’s highway I would love to hear your take on this experience.


The Year is 2020

Our Story is Just Beginning.

Andy is not a Stock or Investment adviser and this blog is not intended to offer investment advice nor is it licensed to do so. This is merely a chronicle of our own journey in Bitcoin and Early Retirement.