Our Mission is to take each reader along on our journey as today’s Bitcoin explorer, and tomorrow’s early retired. We will explore all aspects of the Crypto-currency World and learn together as a community built around finances, health, and lifestyle. Our Goal is to help each reader Retire before the Life is Out of Their Lifestyle. Thanks for joining our journey.

About the Author: Andy Anderson

Andy is a Serial Entrepreneur who started his first business at the Age of 14. He is the current owner of a team of blogs and businesses that make up Yuma Bloggers Company. In Early 2020 he will embark on a home based service industry offering Search Engine Optimization services for Local Businesses in Arizona, and has just started this blog to explore the laptop lifestyle, and all things early retirees need to enjoy their time of life which was bought and paid through hard work, determination, and wise investment. We know what it took to get here and it is our mission to help you adjust to this well deserved early retirement.

Andy is also a Crypto-Currency novice, despite shrewd investments throughout his life and much success in his journey he saw some weakness in the currency boom and stayed out of Bitcoin until the bubble burst. As a wise investor Andy now sees a currency that is a secure investment for tomorrow for those looking at currency and Forex as a hobby or investment add on.

Andy is not a Stock or Investment adviser and this blog is not intended to offer investment advice nor is it licensed to do so. This is merely a chronicle of our own journey in Bitcoin and Early Retirement.