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In our Rewardical Review we will discuss the company behind the program, the rewards system, and finally give you some Rewardicals to try the system yourself for free.

Rewardical is the hot new rewards token from Carson Services, the parent company of TripleClicks online retail stores and Pricebenders Penny Auctions, and SFI the affiliate marketing force that has generated millions in annual sales and over 6.9 million retail members over the past 20 years.

Rewardical Review Shopper Rewards Logo

Rewardical has been announced ahead of the sister search engine. Localvantia which will go live this coming Tuesday December 5th 2017.

Localvantia merchants will largely offer Rewardicals, the rewards token mentioned in this Rewardical Review with every verified purchase. The engine will list online and offline retailers who offer Rewardicals to their shoppers and clients. Localvantia will make it easy to find these retailers in a simplified search system similar to Yahoo or Google Shopping and Local Listings.

What can we earn with these Rewardicals?

Earn Bit-Coin with Rewardical Rewards Tokens

While there are hundreds or even thousands of rewards planned for the Rewardical the most talked about option is cashing them out in Bitcoin. This Rewardical Review would be remiss if we did not mention that over the last 6 months Bitcoin has grown by 150% of their then amazing value making them one of the fastest growing global investments and the most developed cryptocurrency in the world.

You can also cash out for other merchandise, and contribute to charity and soon buy gift cards and other rewards as well with the points making this the world’s most flexible rewards program.

Are there other ways to earn Rewardical Tokens?

Hand Out Rewardical X-Cards

Yes, just like the offer near the bottom of this page you can give friends, readers, subscribers, and business associates a simple URL and Code to get 25 free Rewardicals to join Rewardical. You in turn will earn 1 Rewardical Token for every 10 Rewardicals the shoppers you refer earn. If a shopper earns 1,000 Rewardicals in a month you earn an extra 100 Rewardicals on top of what you get back on your own shopping and most shoppers will earn thousands of monthly Rewardical tokens on gas and food alone in a month.

SPECIAL UPDATE: You can now win up to 10,000 Rewardical Tokens a month playing EagerZebra Games for Free Entries in the Daily Crown Drawing at TripleClicks..

Win Rewardicals with Daily Crown and Eager Zebra Games


Wrapping Up this Rewardical Review

In all the Rewardical is bound to change the way millions of people shop. Rewardicals will be able to be collected by Web Application at the checkout or by scanning receipts when you get home. They add up fast and are very cost effective for merchants. They drive additional sales for both local shoppers and out of town visitors who drop in because they want to earn valuable Bit-Coin and other rewards and use Localvantia to find locations around town that offer this token system.

You as a consumer can earn Rewardicals by Going to and using promo code: b1a977 to get 25 free Rewardical Tokens.

Then look at the bottom of your page for refer a friend and get started handing out your own code today with these handsome cards. That’s it, this Rewardical Review is complete, have a Rewarding Rewardical Day and be on the lookout for launching on December 5th so you can find merchants who are participating in the Rewardical Program.


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